I'm pretty good at this.
I've been doing it for a while.

I've led or contributed to just about every phase of the web development lifecycle, including team management, project management, information architecture, UX design, interactive wireframes, HTML prototypes, and front end and back end development.

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Core Competencies

  • Accomplished manager and mentor of UX designers and UI developers
  • Insightful interaction designer with extensive e-commerce experience
  • Proven web architect with focused expertise on front end development
  • Holistic strategist who balances business, design, and technical concerns
  • Intuitive team builder adept at identifying critical needs and ideal candidates
  • Focused driver of web development process definition and implementation

Leadership Attributes

  • Proactively works across the organization to get things done
  • Motivates stakeholders to align business strategy with end user needs
  • Bridges the gap and opens communication between designers and developers
  • Guides the web development lifecycle from concept to completion
  • Presents technical concepts in a way that non-technical users can understand


  • Principal
    TEH Innernets LLC — 2009 to Present

    Under the moniker of TEH, I advise organizations on process improvement, interaction design, user experience design, and web development. I help companies create and streamline design and development workflows, perform heuristic evaluations of existing web sites, design wireframes and prototypes for new projects and enhancements, and perform front end development.

  • Creative Director
    Fitly — 2014

    I was tasked with leading the responsive redesign of the Fitly incubator product and making it ready for a public beta MVP (Minimum Viable Product, or as I like to call it, NVP: Not Very Pretty). We did a rapid mobile first design process that started with mobile wireframes and then jumped straight to coding and designing on the fly in the browser. I also produced design comps for the second phase of the product's launch, improving the visual design and proposing additional features.

  • User Experience Lead
    Znode — 2012 to 2013

    While managing a blended UI team consisting of UX designers and front end developers, I promoted a user-centered design philosophy across the organization that established the needs of the customer as the primary consideration in all feature development. We produced wireframes, prototypes, and final production code for hibu web properties.

  • Manager of Front End Development
    Abercrombie & Fitch — 2010 to 2012

    I led a large team of UI engineers responsible for all e-commerce front end development. Building strong partnerships with stakeholders, UX architects, visual designers, and my IT colleagues, I broke down traditional silos and got us working collaboratively. My team overhauled the front end code base, drastically improving performance and maintainability.

  • Sr. Front End Developer
    Weblinc — 2009 to 2010

    As a hands-on developer, I performed sophisticated front end development on large-scale e-commerce platforms utilizing standards compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Leading several development projects, I mentored junior front end developers and advised designers on appropriate user interface design elements based on their technical feasibility.

  • Lead Developer and SEO Manager
    NetPlus Marketing — 2006 to 2008

    I managed the small, but productive, team responsible for all client web site programming, while also assuming responsibility for IA/UX artifacts including sitemaps, taxonomies, flowcharts, wireframes, and HTML prototypes. As SEO Manager, I authored detailed web site SEO recommendations based on extensive reviews of site content and analytics.

  • Web Specialist
    Ricoh Corporation — 2004 to 2006

    I redesigned the human resources intranet site, replacing an outdated and confusing layout with vastly improved information architecture and a contemporary look and feel. I also optimized all Ricoh subsidiaries' sites for search engine rankings, writing meta descriptions and page content and proposing information architecture changes.

  • Web Producer
    Panasonic Consumer Electronics — 2000 to 2004

    Supervised our design agency during web site development and approved all sites within assigned product lines. Coordinated site updates with product introductions, promotions, and events through careful planning with product managers and print/TV advertising departments. Designed and coded the Panasonic Premium site. Drafted marketing copy for use on the consumer web site across various product categories.


Bachelor of Arts, English with a Publishing Emphasis
Pennsylvania State University — 1998

Case Studies

Case Study: Fitly Responsive Design

Fitly approached me with an e-commerce site that had some UX challenges stemming from its startup incubator roots. I was tasked with improving the user experience and rebuilding the front end to reach MVP (Minimum Viable Product) status. Read the case study and see how I solved some UX challenges unique to Fitly.

Case Study: hibu Marketplace Responsive Design

Znode, a subsidiary of hibu, had an e-commerce platform with lots of legacy code and a design that wasn't ready for mobile devices. My team rebuilt the UI from scratch, then devised a plan to go responsive and improve the experience for millions of mobile and tablet users. Read the case study and learn how we tackled responsive e-commerce.

Case Study: Abercrombie & Fitch Front End Architecture

Abercrombie & Fitch had four distinct brands running on four distinct code bases, leading to lots of duplicate development effort. I engineered a front end framework that lets them spend less time chasing problems and more time building solutions. Read the case study and learn how I made A&F's sites faster and easier to maintain.

Case Study: OncoTracker Design and Development

OncoTracker wanted to provide an easy way for oncology patients to access their medical records anywhere. I designed a solution that walks users through the process of entering their records step by step and allows them to track the progress of their treatment. Read the case study and see how I made it easier for patients to track their treatments.