A picture is worth a thousand lines of code.

I'm asked frequently by recruiters and hiring managers if I'm a developer or a designer. It's natural for people to want to classify things—even when those things are people.

I happened to learn how to code first, and my UI engineering background has enhanced my interaction design process and made me a better UX designer.


As the Creative Director at Fitly, I was tasked with improving the user experience and rebuilding the front end of a startup incubator product to reach MVP (Minimum Viable Product) status. Read about our process and the interesting UX challenges we faced in my Fitly case study.

Znode / hibu Marketplace

As the User Experience Lead at Znode, I was challenged with transforming a complex e-commerce front end based on legacy architecture into an example of modern UI engineering and responsive design. My team rebuilt the presentation layer of the hibu Marketplace from scratch, then set about producing a complete set of responsive wireframes built in HTML to demonstrate our vision of the product's future. Read about the entire process and see samples of our workflow in my Znode case study.

Abercrombie & Fitch

As the manager of the e-commerce front end development team at Abercrombie & Fitch, I provided technical leadership and user advocacy within the IT organization. In addition to significant process improvements, I architected the front end framework that drives all 4 brand sites and nearly 30 international sites using the same code base. You can read more in my Abercrombie & Fitch case study.


OncoTracker allows oncology patients to store their oncology records online and access them anywhere. I designed and built the entire site—information architecture, user experience, database design, and programming (ColdFusion, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Learn more in my OncoTracker case study.

Club Cali

Club Cali was a rewards program for Hollister Co. Users could register an account and accumulate points to receive discounts on Hollister products. My responsibilities included HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming.

Schneiders Saddlery

One of the country's most popular online retailers of equestrian products, Schneiders Saddlery chose Weblinc, my former employer, to redesign and rebuild their e-commerce site from the ground up. I was a Sr. Front End Developer who was responsible for the bulk of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming.

Smith & Wesson

While working at Weblinc, I worked closely with another front end developer on the HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming for Smith & Wesson.


I worked with New Horizon Technologies as a freelancer, coding the 4 core front end templates for their PlanGuru product site. The home page, category page, product page, and testimonials templates I provided were to be used as a foundation for their developers to build out the rest of the site. My responsibilies were HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming.

David Cutler Group

David Cutler Group, one of the largest home builders in eastern Pennsylvania, partnered with my former employer, NetPlus Marketing, to build a site to showcase their available models and real properties for sale. We provided a custom content management system built from scratch to allow David Cutler Group as much control over their content as possible. As Lead Developer, I was responsible for development team management, database design and development, ColdFusion and SQL programming, and QA testing.