I've solved design and architectural challenges for organizations of all sizes.

My experience with both UX design and front end development gives me a thorough understanding of the challenges we face in a modern web design and development workflow. I've known my whole career that performance is part of user experience, and I bring that perspective to my design work on every project.

Case Study: Fitly Responsive Design

Fitly approached me with an e-commerce site that had some UX challenges stemming from its startup incubator roots. I was tasked with improving the user experience and rebuilding the front end to reach MVP (Minimum Viable Product) status. Read the case study and see how I solved some UX challenges unique to Fitly.

Case Study: hibu Marketplace Responsive Design

Znode, a subsidiary of hibu, had an e-commerce platform with lots of legacy code and a design that wasn't ready for mobile devices. My team rebuilt the UI from scratch, then devised a plan to go responsive and improve the experience for millions of mobile and tablet users. Read the case study and learn how we tackled responsive e-commerce.

Case Study: Abercrombie & Fitch Front End Architecture

Abercrombie & Fitch had four distinct brands running on four distinct code bases, leading to lots of duplicate development effort. I engineered a front end framework that lets them spend less time chasing problems and more time building solutions. Read the case study and learn how I made A&F's sites faster and easier to maintain.

Case Study: OncoTracker Design and Development

OncoTracker wanted to provide an easy way for oncology patients to access their medical records anywhere. I designed a solution that walks users through the process of entering their records step by step and allows them to track the progress of their treatment. Read the case study and see how I made it easier for patients to track their treatments.